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We have a range of services to help you at any point in your development pipeline, from ideation to scaled manufacturing.

Unique Products

We have developed a range of advanced materials, available only through Materic, for use in tissue engineering, flexible electronics, textiles, and more.

Custom Manufacturing

Our team of scientists, engineers, and designers assist in all phases, from ideation to prototyping, to help turn concepts into tangible products.

Areas of Expertise

We have expertise in the areas of Nanomaterials, 3D Printing, Specialty Inks, Specialty Textiles, and Controlled Release.

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The Materic Team

Our team is technically oriented across a broad range of disciplines,
from materials science to processing and manufacturing.

Stephen Farias

Characterization and Electronic Materials

PhD in Material Science

Colin Harmer

Colin Harmer

Technical Service and Inorganics
PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

Keturah Postell

Textiles and Color

Polymer and Color Chemistry, Medical Science

Mike Pallotta

Production and Process Control

B.S. in Chemical Process Engineering

Ronish Shrestha

Polymer Processing and Formulations

M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Matthew Lewis

3D Printing

Additive Technician Degree

Mark Juetten

Intellectual Property

PhD in Organic Chemistry

Winston Frazer

3D Printing and Design

B.A. in Fine Arts

Adam Steinmark

3D Printing and Design

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Sophie Taczak

Formulation and Chemistry

B.S. in Chemistry

Dr. Scott Gaboury

Scott Gaboury

Polymer Processing and Formulation
PhD in Polymer and Coatings Chemistry

Sam Rosenthal

Electronics and Nanomaterials

PhD in Physics

Hristo Ivanov

Itso Ivanov

Nanomaterials and Physics

M.S. in Engineering Physics and Applied Physics

Allie Stambaugh

Accounts Receivable

B.A. in Fine Arts

Kelli Booth

Scaleup and Production

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Ken Malone

Partnerships and Capital Investments

B.S. in Biochemistry and PhD in Polymer Science

Review Our Recent Experience

Materic’s customers range from startups to Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. We supply unique products and work with you on development projects and custom manufacturing.

What we did in a couple days with Materic, could take 6 months with another group that doesn’t have an interest in satisfying customers needs. Materic’s openness and willingness to have people onsite and address problems collaboratively, is quite unique. We’ve worked with 3 or 4 commercial electrospinning companies. Working with Materic is quite different.

Barry Rosenbaum, Akron Ascent Innovations

The first conversations we had with Materic told us that we were dealing with folks that had a great understanding in electrospinning. We also found Materic to be very responsive and customer friendly. The Materic team didn’t tell us how it was going to be, they worked with us to satisfy our needs.

Anthony Dipasqua, DB Therapeutics

Latest News

Materic Announces Launch of New Product, Koyla Web™ (Carbon Nanofiber Mats)

March 19th, 2024|

Baltimore-based Materic is an Early Charm portfolio company that custom manufactures advanced materials.  March 19, 2024 Baltimore, MD – Materic, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials, announced today the launch of its new product


Technical and Support Partners

Our collaborators include government, academic, and industrial organizations.


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