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What We Do.

Materic’s subsidiaries were acquired for their unique intellectual property. You can visit our subsidiary sites below. We know that the solution to your needs may involve several of our subsidiaries or require expertise outside of any one subsidiary, so we make it really simple for you. Just reach out to Materic and we will manage the rest in a seamless manner so that you don’t have to.

Nanoparticle Separation


Nanoparticle Separation

Want more pure silver nanowires? NanoDirect has custom purification strategies.

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Need to develop a nanofiber material? DiPole Materials provides custom research and manufacturing.

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Textile Treatments


Textile Treatments

Need a custom fabric treatment? SciGenesis provides custom treatments like their FR and permethrin tech.

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3D Ceramics


3D Ceramics

Looking to 3D print ceramic parts? Synteris is perfecting a technology that will make this a reality.

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3D Bio Printing


3D Bio Printing

Looking for more efficient toxicology? Ortuvo is developing all new enhanced in vitro solutions.

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Do you need to encapsulate enzymes and catalysts? Abri provides custom encapsulation solutions.

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How We Work With You

Custom Design and Prototyping

Materic has a unique combination of experienced scientists and engineers across multiple disciplines to help solve your most challenging development and manufacturing problems.

We work collaboratively with you through whiteboarding sessions that are designed to get a detailed understanding of the challenges your team is confronting, come up with a practical solution, and work with you to see it through.


  • Understand your business
  • Determine the challenges
  • Develop solutions that fit
  • Recommend Development Pathway
  • Provide support during manufacturing

We're excited to help you derisk your path forward and help you launch your next engineering product!

Unlike other chemical and specialty materials companies, Materic works with you to design and produce custom solutions to fit your application. The Materic Team of scientists, engineers and designers assist in all phases from ideation to prototyping to help turn concepts into manufacturable products.

Our team has expertise in designing specialty material for industries such as:

  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Textiles
  • Heath & Personal Care

Materic’s research facilities are located at 1100 Wicomico Street in Baltimore, MD.

Our offices and laboratories are used for small manufacturing, R&D laboratory work, and physical and analytical testing. The building has over 400,000 ft2 of total space to accommodate both R&D and manufacturing expansions.

Materic’s general laboratory equipment includes:

  • Nanomaterial and conventional synthesis equipment
  • A range of sample preparation and purification methods
  • Analytical and physical testing equipment
  • Electrical testing equipment
  • Chemical and biological hoods, ovens, fridges, freezers, etc.

Start your next R&D project at Materic to see how your team can benefit from our open and honest process.

Scale Up and Manufacturing

Manufacturing of custom specialty materials requires flexibility in approach to match the needed scale, equipment and expertise.

Materic’s extensive network in the materials industry gives us access to external capabilities that expand upon our internal capabilities, and our long-standing relationship with local Baltimore partners gives us ready access to full-time and part-time workers on short notice.

We work with our customers on a manufacturing path that makes sense for their needs and goals. We provide options to work with us for large scale manufacturing, training your team to implement in-house manufacturing, or transferring the developed technology to a thirdparty manufacturer.

We scale up manufacturing in three different ways:

Internal Ramp Up

  • Materic can work with our clients to procure the resources necessary at a location that we currently run or a location close to our current offices to scale production.

Client Internal Ramp Up

  • Our client may wish to bring production in-house. In that case, Materic’s team of engineers would work with our client’s internal team to make sure all elements of the process are considered and executed correctly.

Third Party Manufacturer

  • There may be a third party that already possesses the capabilities needed to ramp up production. Materic would act as a consultant providing the technical data needed to get the manufacturer up and running.

What we did in a couple days with Materic, could take 6 months with another group that doesn’t have an interest in satisfying customers needs. Materic’s openness and willingness to have people onsite and address problems collaboratively, is quite unique. We’ve worked with 3 or 4 commercial electrospinning companies. Working with Materic is quite different.

Barry Rosenbaum, Akron Ascent Innovations

The first conversations we had with Materic told us that we were dealing with folks that had a great understanding in electrospinning. We also found Materic to be very responsive and customer friendly. The Materic team didn’t tell us how it was going to be, they worked with us to satisfy our needs.

Anthony Dipasqua, DB Therapeutics