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Materic’s electrospinning experience ranges from custom polymeric formulation development, to pilot- and commercial-scale nanofiber production.

We use wire-based and needle-based roll-to-roll electrospinning instruments that enables scaled manufacturing for projects of all sizes.

Materic has licensed unique IP and developed in-house products, including piezoelectric yarns that can serve as battery-free sensors in smart textiles, gelatin-based nanofiber BioPapers for 3D bioprinting and regenerative medicine, and high-performance face mask filtration membranes.

We excel at taking on challenging electrospinning concepts and making them a commercial reality.

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Order parts quickly and easily right from the Materic website using our 3D printing service. In addition to printing specific parts, Materic offers product design for prototyping and scaled additive manufacturing.

Our 15,000+ sq. ft. facility in Baltimore, MD houses a full suite of SLS, SLA, FDM, and DLP 3D printing technologies.

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Materic is developing novel capabilities to print oxide, nitride, and carbide ceramics. These materials traditionally require intensive processing conditions and manufacturing steps that frequently lead to failures. Our expert team of materials, chemical, and additive manufacturing engineers work together to enable consistent and scalable production of these high-performance ceramics.

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Traditional bioprinting with live cells requires nozzles or needles, in addition to substantial environmental controls that can cause sheer and stress on living cells, leading to apoptosis.

We have developed a screen printing process that enables printing of an entire 2D cross section, with low stress and high viability on the cells in a carrier hydrogel ink.

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Our printable electronic ink, Direct Silver™, gives manufacturers the ability to create novel electronic device formats. Our proprietary process isolates high-purity and high-value electronic inks from more readily obtainable raw forms.

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Materic has experience developing custom, tunable textile treatments. These treatments currently include flame retardancy, infrared (IR) reflection, and encapsulated insecticide, and were initially developed based on requests from the U.S. military.

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We provide custom encapsulation solutions for enzymes and catalysts, allowing controlled release of substances for various applications.

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