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Sophie Taczak

Sophie Taczak
Applications Scientist

Stephen Farias
Chief Science Officer

Keturah Postell

Keturah Postell
Project Manager

Encapsulation Technology

Our team has expertise and capabilities in multiple encapsulation platforms, including fabrication of homogeneous nanoparticles and microparticles, synthesis of microemulsions, and production of core shell structures.

We produce these materials on multiple polymer carrier platforms, designed around specific needs of the chemical or pharmaceutical that needs to be encapsulated.

Surface Active Materials

Active Textiles

Materic has developed and deployed encapsulation technologies formulated for textile applications. We’ve have shown our unique systems are functional beyond 75 wash cycles.

We’ve worked on everything from small quantities of fragrances and aromatic chemistries, to harsh chemicals like permethrin. By encapsulating these chemistries before applying them to a textile, we can protect them from being washed away and keep harsh chemicals from being directly exposed to the wearer’s skin. We can formulate our systems in colored inks or as clear-finish treatments for textiles

Controlled Release

Materic’s extensive knowledge in encapsulation allows us to design our material systems for controlled kinetic release of active ingredients. Controlling the concentration of an ingredient being released is critical to functional performance.

We design our materials to have the appropriate chemical stability and kinetic accessibility, to achieve the desired release profile of a given application. We’ve designed controlled release systems for chemical vapor release, active pharmaceutical ingredient release, and liquid chemical release.

We’ve produced these release chemistries and profiles in nanofiber formats, textile formats, and micro/macro capsule formats, for applications in garments, bandages, ingestibles, and injectables.

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