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We work with you to create custom nanofiber products. From raw material to final product, our experts will provide R&D and manufacturing services to make your electrospinning ideas a reality.

Purification Process Technology

Materic has developed proprietary core technologies which enable cost-effective and continuous refinement of nanoparticles to commercial purity and uniformity standards.

Processes developed at Materic enable high-quality, low-cost production of nanoparticle-based electronic inks with increased performance and reliability. These processes can be applied to refine a wide variety of nanoparticle-based suspensions, including those based on silver, carbon, and copper. Our technology comes with cost, purity, and scalable output advantages.

Surface Active Materials

Materials Characterization

Materic’s materials science and characterization expertise assures your products and materials meet or exceed industry standards.

Materic has SEM, TEM, AFM, and optical microscopy capabilities for high-accuracy imaging of nanoparticle, printed, and flexible electronic materials. We also have access to a full suite of compositional analysis equipment, including XRD, XPS, EDS, UV-VIS-NIR, and Raman Spectroscopy. These capabilities allow us to characterize our customers’ materials, evaluate any critical fabrication barriers, and recommend improvements to accelerate to commercial production.

Lab technician working with electro spinning equipment to create nanowire

Custom Manufacturing

Materic is focused on partnering with key industry leaders to scale the processes and meet commercial production levels and cost points.

The Materic team has over 40 years of combined experience in materials and chemical formulations development.

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Direct Silver nanowires have high aspect ratios and high conductivities. The nanowire suspensions are suitable for conductive inks used for high optical transparency films and coatings. Typical applications include flexible electronics, conventional touchscreens, photovoltaics, antimicrobial surfaces, and EMI shielding.

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