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Ronish Shrestha
Applications Scientist

Sophie Taczak

Sophie Taczak
Applications Scientist

Manufacturing the Sustainable Materials of the Future

Understanding the environmental toll of sourcing your materials, and the impact of use and disposal of your products, is critical to developing sustainable engineering solutions that are consistent with your brand values and mission.

At Materic, we’re able to design and build products from scratch, with minimal environmental impact. Our team is able to analyze existing products, then develop new materials and manufacturing processes that ensure quality and performance, while minimizing environmental impact.

We balance design considerations, including raw materials supply, energy and CO2 footprint, as well as packaging, shipping, use, and disposal of your product, to create a final deliverable that will meet performance expectations while maximizing sustainability.

Expertise in Sustainability

The Materic team has experience in the following areas regarding sustainability:

  • PFAS free compliance
  • Biodegradable alternatives
  • Greenhouse gas (CO2) reduction for manufacturing process
  • CO2 Capture
  • Durable performance and increased lifetime
  • Energy efficiency through advanced materials

PFAS Free Compliance

PFAS free chemistry with performance:

  • Experience with nanofiber development
  • Many lubrication applications


  • Development PFAS free coatings and membranes for enterprise clients
  • Asked by NATICK soldier center to submit a white paper around PFAS free coatings for military textiles

Biodegradable Alternatives

Consumable or ephemeral products developed with biodegradability and sustainability in mind. We adhere to this mission through the following practices:

  • Elimination of microplastics
  • Reformulating to match existing mechanical properties, but in a biodegradable format

Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Reduction during Manufacturing

Active research and development experience in developing materials with lower energy requirements and less weight.

  • Improve efficiency – Materials optimization to reduce the energy required to produce, ship, and store product

Further Sustainable Topics

CO2 Capture

  • Electrospun membrane development for active capture of gases

Durable Performance and Increased Lifetime

  • Improve quality and specifications of a product that is currently being produced

Energy Efficiency Through Advanced Materials

  • Two organizations within Materic currently researching materials for advanced energy efficiency

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