Materic has skilled scientists and engineers focused on advancing technology within the applications below. Our knowledge base in each of these areas is vast, but where we excel is in combining this knowledge to solve interdisciplinary challenges for our clients.

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3D Printing
Specialty Inks
Specialty Textiles
Controlled Release
Sustainable Material

Materic designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom nanomaterials for internally-developed products and collaborative research. We then scale developed concepts into commercial products.

Materic has licensed unique IP and developed in-house products: including piezoelectric yarns that can serve as battery-free sensors in consumer and military smart textiles; gelatin-based nanofiber BioPapers for 3D bioprinting and regenerative medicine; high-performance face mask filtration membranes; and silver nanowire ink purification process used to produce Direct Silver™.

In addition to the development of in-house products, Materic offers custom development and scaled manufacturing to innovators looking to bring new nanomaterial products to market.

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Materic currently provides 3D printing services for parts, prototyping, and manufacturing. Our 15,000+ sq. ft. facility in Baltimore, MD houses a full suite of SLS, SLA, FDM, and DLP 3D printing technologies.

Additive manufacturing for high-performance ceramics and 3D bioprinting is also in the later stages of development at Materic.

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Materic has expertise in customized ink development and formulations, including electronic inks, bioinks, and textile inks. We synthesize or modify nanoparticles and pigments for solids loading. We custom develop our own formulations. We also adapt and tune these systems for specific printing processes, including direct write, screen printing, spray casting, and slot-die coating.

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Materic brings its expertise and creativity to textile applications and manufacturing processes. We’re able to produce commercial nonwoven materials, manufacture specialty fibers and yarns, and apply custom inks and surface treatments.

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Do you need to encapsulate enzymes and catalysts? We provide custom encapsulation solutions, allowing controlled release of substances used in many different applications.

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Materic understands everything we develop has an environmental impact. We have experience providing sustainable solutions that are driven by our clients’ brand values and missions.

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