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Winston Frazer

Winston Frazer
3D Printing and Design

Mike Pallotta

Mike Pallotta
Production Manager

Adam Steinmark

Adam Steinmark
Mechanical Engineer

We have a full suite of 3D printing manufacturing equipment. Our team brings materials and manufacturing expertise to ensure we produce a part that meets your engineering needs.

3D Printing Services

Materic has a full suite of commercial 3D printing technologies, including SLA, FDM, and SLS printers, as well as expertise in product development, prototyping, and CAD services. We can quickly produce production-ready 3D files.

We bring our substantial experience in custom material design, development, and processing to apply novel concepts in 3D printing.

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Surface Active Materials

3D Printed Ceramics

Oxide ceramics

We are currently developing ink printing systems for “direct write/additive manufacturing” of oxide ceramic materials, including alumina, zirconia, and hydroxyapatite, without the use of polymer or solid-phase binders. This allows for direct sintering of a green part with isotropic volume changes and without the risk of contaminants from residual binder products.

Nonoxide ceramics

Nonoxide ceramics, like refractory carbides and nitrides, often present the most challenging manufacturing conditions, but high-value performance metrics. These are the materials of choice for high-end tooling and engine components. They are often used in extreme conditions, like ultra-high-temperature ceramic hypersonics or high-temperature corrosive environments in heavy industry. We’ve developed a way to print net shape 3D printed metal carbide and nitride parts on a commercializable platform.

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3D Bioprinting

Traditional bioprinting with live cells requires nozzles or needles, in addition to substantial environment controls that can cause sheer and stress on living cells, leading to apoptosis.

We have developed a screen printing process that enables printing of an entire 2D cross section, with low stress and high viability on the cells in a carrier hydrogel ink.

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