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Sophie Taczak

Sophie Taczak
Applications Scientist

Kelli Booth

Kelli Booth
Chief Operating Officer

High-value active ingredients are vulnerable to degradation if not properly employed. Our team’s encapsulation and controlled release experience allows us to design materials systems, to maximize the performance and lifetime of your key chemistry.

Therapeutic Delivery from Nanofibers

Our specialty nanofiber textile formats can be co-fabricated or post treated with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or therapeutic chemistry.

By engineering the microstructure and format for target medical applications, our process allows for controlled release of an active ingredient over a specific timeline. Our development process can also produce fully resorbable and biodegradable materials.

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Surface Active Materials

Encapsulated Enzymes and Catalysts

Our team has experience encapsulating active chemical ingredients for targeted effect. Even hazardous chemistry, when encapsulated using our process, can result in a skin-safe product wearable garment applications.

Materic’s encapsulation capabilities also extend to oral controlled release, for digestive therapy applications, and injectable controlled release, for physiological applications.

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