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Sam Rosenthal PhD

Samuel Rosenthal

Hristo Ivanov

Itso Ivanov
Manufacturing Specialist

Dr. Stephen Farias

Stephen Farias
Chief Science Officer

Ronish Shrestha
Polymer Processing and Formulations

Our team has experience in synthesizing custom nanoparticles of organic, inorganic, and metal materials for applications ranging from therapeutics to printed electronics. We consider designing these materials for manufacturing efficiency, performance specifications, and minimizing health and environmental risks.

Electrospun Nanofibers

Materic engineers and scientists customize and produce nanofibers from various polymers. Starting from a specific polymeric formulation, our roll-to-roll electrospinning manufacturing process produces tunable nanofiber mats used in medical, fashion, filtration, automotive, and industrial applications.

We specialize in producing highly-functionalized materials that can be light enough to act as PPE filters (1 micron thickness) or heavy enough to make athletic gear (up to 1 mm thickness).

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Surface Active Materials

Nanoparticle Separation

Our proprietary separation, purification, and concentration method uses electric fields on a mixed suspension of nanoparticles within liquid media to separate particles based on their size and composition.

Materic’s method allows us to select particles of interest and filter out contaminants or byproducts. We are able to synthesize and produce organic and metal-organic nanoparticles, from lab to commercial scale.

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