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Keturah Postell

Keturah Postell
Project Manager

Hristo Ivanov

Itso Ivanov

Sophie Taczak

Sophie Taczak
Applications Scientist

Ronish Shrestha
Polymer Processing and Formulations

Materic creates, combines, and integrates numerous technologies to produce multifunctional cosmetics and textiles. The goal is to protect war fighters, workers, and recreationists from environmental elements.

Textile Treatments

Materic has capabilities in formulation of specialty inks and clear coat treatments, at research, development, and commercial scale. We have applied these treatments on fabrics to make them heat reflective, flame retardant, and insect repellant. Textiles incorporating these treatments have demonstrated wash durability up to 75 cycles.

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We custom manufacture nanofibers for textile applications, using commercial electrospinning equipment.

Our production process is scalable and tunable for key specifications. We can produce nanofiber materials made from various polymers that are highly functionalized for applications in specialty filtration, athletic apparel, protective gear, and more.

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