Baltimore-based Materic is an Early Charm portfolio company that custom manufactures advanced materials. 

March 19, 2024 Baltimore, MD – Materic, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials, announced today the launch of its new product line, Koyla Web™. The Koyla Web line of carbon nanofibers includes three currently available types of mats, or products can also be custom ordered. 

“Our scientists have created a product line that will have a big impact in the clean energy industry and others,” said Colin Harmer, Business Director at Materic. 

Carbon nanofibers have strong electrical and thermal conductivity and are corrosion resistant. These properties, paired with the high surface area characteristics of their web-like structure, make carbon nanofibers ideal for a variety of applications in the energy, automotive, aviation, and medical industries.  

The Koyla Web launch coincides with a recent notice that Materic was selected to recieve $10 million from the U.S Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE), under the funding opportunity DE-FOA-0002922: “Clean Hydrogen Electrolysis, Manufacturing, and Recycling Activities under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.” Materic’s project, “SPIN into Power: Scaled Production of Integrated Nonwoven Gas Diffusion Layers for Fuel Cells,” will focus on creating a new supply chain pathway for key components of hydrogen fuel cells with improved performance. Specifically, Materic and its project partners will work to strengthen the domestic supply chain for gas diffusion layers for low-cost fuel cells.  

“We’ve developed these carbon nanofiber membranes to help improve the performance of hydrogen fuel cells today and in the future,” Harmer said. “Huge changes are happening in the fuel cell space. Because our production process is highly tunable, we’ll be able to adapt our Koyla Web product line to meet the needs of fuel cell manufacturers even as industry technologies continue to evolve.” 

Materic manufactures carbon nanofibers through a process known as electrospinning in its production space in Baltimore, MD.  Koyla Web carbon nanofiber mats are now available for purchase through Materic’s website. 

About Materic: 

Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom manufactures advanced materials via nanofiber electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, ceramics 3D printing, 3D bio printing, and encapsulation. Materic’s facility has over 28,000 square feet of space to accommodate product development and manufacturing. Learn more: 

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Colin Harmer
Business Director