Materic installs new electrospinning machine to meet growing customer demand for custom manufacturing

October 26, 2021, Baltimore, MD – Materic, LLC, a custom designer and manufacturer of advanced materials, today announced it has increased its capacity to electrospin nanofiber-based materials with the acquisition of an additional state-of-the-art industrial electrospinning machine.

With its newly installed Inovenso PE-550 electrospinning machine, Materic now provides its customers significantly bolstered quantity and quality of nanofiber products, including piezoelectrics for smart garments, scaffolds for tissue engineering and a wide range of other custom products for industrial uses.

“The new machine gives us a much-needed capacity increase to meet our customers’ demands and gives us new capabilities to custom manufacture advanced materials that we didn’t have before,” said Steve Farias, PhD, co-founder and Chief Science Officer with Materic. “Now we’re able to custom manufacture core-shell nanofibers that, for example, have a mechanically strong material sheathed inside a surface active material.”

Materic’s Inovenso PE-550 deploys a hybrid electrospinning technology that combines the best of needle-based and needle-less electrospinning, enabling high throughput productivity with accurate control over production processes and final products.

In related Materic news, Danae, Inc., a Baltimore-based 3D printing design and manufacturing company, recently launched a partnership with Materic while also receiving an investment from Baltimore’s Conscious Venture Partners. Danae is using this investment to install eight new printers to meet its rapidly growing market demand.

As part of this new partnership, Materic is taking an active role in the operations of Danae, applying its manufacturing infrastructure to fuel Danae’s growth path. Materic will promote Danae’s production capabilities and Danae will promote Materic’s new printing technologies. Both companies are headquartered in Baltimore’s 1100 Wicomico building.

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