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Stephen Farias, PhD

Characterization and Electronic Materials

When you need a partner who just wants to figure out how to take cool science and make it into a product, talk to me! If it happens that your project involves electricity, then that’s all the better. I know nanotechnology and electrical properties from my dissertation work separating nanoparticles, my first start-up making nanomaterials for flexible electronics and from my extensive work on piezoelectric yarns with Dipole. With a PhD in materials science from Johns Hopkins University, I love a science challenge, test me and see.

Kelli Booth

Scale-up and Process Development

A Georgia Tech trained chemical engineer, I’ll be the first to tell you that your scale-up problems aren’t going to come just from within the production process. I’ve seen them from inconsistent raw materials supply, labor disputes, regulatory affairs, delayed shipping, bad weather, poorly defined specifications and much more. I’ve overcome them all in my twenty-five year career that started with a global chemical company and progressed to leading multiple start-ups from idea to revenue. While you’ll want me on the team for the make it work attitude, you’ll also find my expertise in costing, financial analysis and project management a big bonus.

Ken Malone, PhD

Partnerships and Joint Developments

While we custom manufacture nanofibers, we are truly in the business of helping our customers make money. That means solving problems that aren’t always science or engineering based, which is why they keep me around! While letting my thirty-year old dissertation on silicon polyaramids gather dust, I co-founded over two dozen start-ups from university intellectual property. If you need creativity in financing, finding and forming partnerships, marketing or any other challenge that is keeping you from buying our custom manufacturing services, then I want to help.

Keturah Postell

Polymer and Color Chemistry

When you have a challenging color problem, I want to help. If it is color on a textile, in a cosmetic or in an ink then there’s a good chance that I’ve seen it before. Formally trained in textiles and color chemistry at the North Carolina State University, I’ve been applying my skills at Materic to create textile treatments for the military and to work with any of our customers developing specialty textiles. I’m passionate about formulating great personal care products and would love to talk cosmetics with you.

Sam Rosenthal, PhD

Materials Scientist

Modeling nanoparticle separation, fluid dynamics, emulsions or any of a wide range of challenging physics problems oftens saves us hundreds of hours in the lab and on the production floor. Modeling is all the more fun when I get to see it converted into products and processes with practical applications in real time. Let me put my PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Johns Hopkins to work for you.

Scott Gaboury, PhD

Polymer Processing and Formulation Chemistry

Commercially focused science, especially polymer science, done the right way. It’s not about testing the effect of different experimental parameters on polymer properties but focusing on specifications and costs to develop the optimal production conditions. That’s what I did for decades as an R&D leader for Arkema, Inc., as a consultant for start-ups and it’s what I can do for you today. Grounded in my formal PhD training in coatings and polymers at North Dakota State University, I understand the complex aspects of formulation chemistry in polymer production.

Mike Pallotta

Application Engineer

I live at the intersection of fundamental, detailed-oriented research and multilevel chemical process scale-up. On one hand, I am passionate about understanding the rudimentary, microscopic aspects of materials and processes; which boils down to the question “What made this happen?” I also enjoy doing the work of scaling up chemical processes from the laboratory scale to the pilot plant and industry scale. With Materic, I will use my undergraduate research with nanomaterials and polymers, and my work as a Chemical Process Engineer at a Fortune 500 company to develop your novel products across a wide range of fields.

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