Immediate Job Opening: Polymer Chemist / Organic Chemist Post Doc / Staff Scientist

Hiring Organization: Early Charm – Materic is an Early Charm Portfolio Company

March 8, 2022

What we do:

Early Charm creates, owns, and operates businesses that convert science into revenue.

We are the management team, the operators, and the entrepreneurs. We do not write checks and just pop in
for board meetings. We show up to our labs, our production facilities, and our offices every day to do all the
heavy lifting in our portfolio companies.

Our scientists and engineers work across our entire portfolio, never just one venture. This brings extraordinary
expertise to the earliest stages of product development. The lack of silos fosters creativity and attracts the
most collaborative people.

Similarly, our sales & marketing team works across our portfolio enabling us to have the voice of customers
heard early and often as we consider product development. Add in our experts in law, intellectual property,
accounting, finance, licensing, purchasing and more to get the complete team to build our businesses.

What you will do:

You will engage with our team of scientists, engineers, and designers across a range of technologies including
custom inks, nanomaterials, technical textiles, 3D printing and controlled delivery. For more information on
our product lines, visit

While we can never be certain what project you will be working on, there are things in common to all projects.
Your primary responsibilities will include driving technical advancement of customer- or grant-funded projects,
developing experiments to reach milestones, developing concept solutions for unique client applications,
testing materials for physical and chemical properties, communicating results to program managers and
customers through technical reports and presentations, and preparing technical papers and conference

What you need to be successful:

If you are both unabashedly creative and cooperatively kinetic then you’ll fit right into the culture at Early

You’ll also need experience across several of the following areas with an openness to learning about the
others: synthesis of polymers and organic molecules, design of chemicals and molecules, formulation
chemistry, surfactants, binders, and additives, polymers processing, sustainable and biodegradable materials,
electrospinning, and chemical treatment of textiles.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Polymer Science, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering,
or a related field.

What we will do for you:

Career development is our top priority for you. While we love the idea of people joining Early Charm forever,
we are realistic to understand that we may be a steppingstone to other opportunities or a way for you to
explore career options. Regardless of your reasons for joining us, our commitment is to help you while you are
helping us.

Where you will work:

We are at the center of the entrepreneurial renaissance of Baltimore giving you the opportunity to interact
with some of the nation’s most exciting technology companies. Located at 1100 Wicomico Street, our labs,
production space and offices are intermingled with firms doing engineering design, software development,
specialty textiles, robotics, and so much more. There is even a brewery.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is Our Business:

Creativity is the soul of Early Charm. We expand creativity by actively seeking out and embracing diversity in
all its forms. Diversity of thought, of experience, of culture, of race, of expression and ultimately of the
individual is, therefore, our soul.

Action and cooperation drive our success at Early Charm. We foster action through equity. Equity means we
treat everyone with respect, empower everyone to make decisions, help everyone to advance their career and
compensate everyone fairly. We encourage cooperation by being inclusive. Inclusive means celebrating each
other’s differences, listening to each other’s views, and empowering each other to be individuals through our
own actions. Equity and inclusion, therefore, is our success.

How to Join Us:

Please send your resume and cover letter to Kelli Booth at