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Learn more about the development of a therapeutic bandage.

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Medical device company developing a therapeutic bandage


The client developed a novel bandage demonstrating high efficacy in treating skin tumors in animal studies.


The project required a high loading of ceramic nanoparticles be incorporated directly into the nanofibers at the time of electrospinning. The manufacturing process needed to be translated from lab prototype scale to a continuous, commercial-ready scale.


Materic developed multiple solutions:

  • A new, large-batch synthesis of the ceramic nanoparticle material
  • A needleless electrospinning process capable of incorporating up to 50 wt% nanoparticles into the nanofiber
  • A novel packaging system to eliminate nanoparticle loss during subsequent processing and application of the bandage


  • A bandage with equivalent efficacy to lab prototypes
  • A scalable manufacturing process
  • Process and performance data sufficient for FDA 510(k) filing

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Early phase medical device company developing a therapeutic bandage


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