Materic’s newly combined capabilities include nanofiber electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D printing materials, specialty inks and encapsulation

May 11, 2021, Baltimore, MD – SciGenesis – a technology company manufacturing specialty inks and encapsulated products for cosmetic formulations and textile treatments to protect warfighters, workers and recreationists from environmental elements – today announced it has joined with five other advanced materials companies to create Materic, LLC.

“SciGenesis and the other companies shared a common co-founder in Early Charm, so there was already a strong relationship between the companies,” said Kelli Booth, CEO with SciGenesis. “By coming together under Materic, we now have sales into the aerospace, healthcare, biotechnology, electronics, automotive, athletic, energy and military industries, giving us contacts into each of the key sectors for advanced materials. We’re well-positioned for the commercialization of the platform intellectual property held by each of the six companies.”

Materic’s Baltimore-based scientists, engineers and designers are integrated into all customer collaboration phases – from ideation to prototyping to manufacturing – to turn advanced materials concepts into scalable products.

Materic’s other subsidiaries include:

Abri Science – enabling enzymes and catalysts to work in harsh environments through microencapsulation.

DiPole Materials – electrospinning nanofibers including piezoelectrics for smart garments, scaffolds for tissue engineering and a wide range of custom products for industrial uses.

NanoDirect – high efficiency separation technologies for nanoparticles and the Direct Silver line of silver nanowires and specialty inks for the electronics and energy industries.

Ortuvo – 3D printing technology for tissue engineering and custom bio-inks for the healthcare and biotech industries.

Synteris – 3D printing technology for ceramics in the aerospace, healthcare and automotive industries.

Materic applies their work at dedicated production and development facilities at Baltimore’s innovation hub, the 1100 Wicomico Building.


About Materic:

Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom designs and manufactures advanced materials. We apply our expertise in electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D printing materials, specialty inks and microencapsulation to our own product lines as well as taking on custom manufacturing projects for our customers. Learn more:


About Early Charm:

Early Charm is a venture studio founded in 2012 in Charm City (Baltimore) that converts science to business. Our process continuously engages with industry to identify current market needs. Once those market needs are assessed, we source cutting-edge technologies that fulfill those needs and develop and commercialize the resulting products and services. Our companies operate in four different industry verticals: Advanced Materials, Drug Discovery, Blue Tech with a current focus on Aquaculture and Engineered Products. Learn more:


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