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Textile Treatment Applications

We specialize in creating, combining, and integrating numerous technologies to impart multi-functional properties for cosmetics and textiles. Our goal is to protect war fighters, workers, and recreationists from environmental elements.

Soldier in tactical equipment with a gun

Thermal Treatment for Nylon/Cotton Blend Fabrics

Fabric treated with our “SciGen Thermo” product reflects incoming heat flux, protecting the wearer from thermal burns. Skin burn depth simulations were done using coated fabric, with a modified version of the manikin test (ASTM F1930). Testing shows a burn depth of only 60 μm – less than the 75 μm depth associated with second degree burns. SciGen Thermo-treated fabric outperformed three military para-aramid flame retardant U.S. military uniforms (FRACU, iCVC, and A2CU) when tested under the same conditions. The untreated garments offered far less thermal barrier performance, resulting in burn depths of at least 600 μm.


  • Imparts flame retardancy, to protect against direct heat contact, and thermal barrier, to protect against direct and indirect heat sources
  • Maintains performance after 75 wash cycles
  • Applied using conventional fabric dip equipment
  • Suitable for nylon/cotton blends with as little as 40% cotton


Up to 55-gallon drums


35-40 m2/gallon (example on 200 gsm, 50/50 nylon/cotton blend, & 60% wet pickup)


  • Dip bath with 60% wet pickup
  • Dry @ 100º C for 2 minutes
  • Cure @ 155º C for 2 minutes


Materic developed a facepaint to protect soldiers from blasts, based on a need expressed by the U.S. military. It has expanded upon that initial core technology, to create thermal protective and insect repellent treatments.

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